Indeck Pellets in the News

Indeck Energy University
Innovative Wood Pellet Education

Indeck Energy Announces Wood Pellet Giveaway Winners
Lessening the burden of home heating costs with a free ton of pellets.

Dealer Loyalty Goes Beyond Stores
Positive experiences lead dealers to heat both home and stores.

Co-Firing Wood Pellets with Coal
World-Generation Perspective

Indeck Energy: Summer is the Time for Stove Maintenance
A well maintained wood pellet stove will produce more heat at a lower cost for the consumer.

Fewer Fines Means Higher Quality Wood Pellets
The Pellet Fuels Institute requires that fines are at or below one half percent (0.5%) of a package's total content.

Wood pellets Produce Less Ash than Corn
Characteristics inherent in corn cause it to produce more ash
than wood pellets.

Wood Pellets: Production, Applications, and Co-firing Potential
Power-Gen International Conference - December 15, 2010

Indeck Energy to Give Away Free Wood Pellets
The company is helping consumers and retailers by giving away one free ton of Premium Grade Wood Pellets each Tuesday from December 7 through March 1.

Softwood Pellets Can Pose Potential Risk
Research shows softwood pellets contain higher levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Indeck Energy: Assisting Retailers through Difficult Times
Indeck Energy knows that to build lasting partnerships, the filling of an order is just the beginning.

Biomass Fuel Can Help Schools Cut Costs, Save Local Jobs
The State of Wisconsin helps local schools explore the possibility of heating with wood pellets.

Indeck Energy: Committed to Sustainable Logging
Our commitment to the environment goes beyond simply producing renewable biofuel.

Indeck Energy Announces Its Wood Pellets Are All Natural
No Additives or Low-Quality Feedstock

Indeck Energy to Work with Fuels for Schools and Communities Program
Company dedicated to encouraging the use of wood pellet fuel to heat local schools

Indeck Energy Explores Co-Firing as a Green, Renewable Energy Solution
Tests being conducted at University of Wisconsin Campus

High Quality Wood Pellet Fuel Saves Time, Money and Stoves
The perfect time to take care of routine maintenance issues, spring is also a time to evaluate pellet fuel choices.

Use of renewable wood energy to hit 790 trillion BTU's in 2010 and 2011
Indeck Ladysmith, LLC offers Premium Wood Pellet fuel to retailers at a discounted rate to help meet demand.

UW-Eau Claire looks to wood to use less coal
The university wants to change the way it heats its halls.

Pellets On Tap
Indeck Energy Services, Inc., and Midwest Forest Products, Co. launch Indeck Ladysmith Biofuel Center.

The Indeck people are really easy to work with, and they believe in serving their customers. They've got great communication and are always happy to answer questions or take care of any problem. I can't say that about some other pellet companies. 
Burt Davidson | Heat Alternatives LLC
Spring Green, Wisconsin

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